Someone Can Re-Orient Us To Our True North

As parents, we often remind our children of their TRUE NORTH, who we know them to be...
It's an opportunity to remind ourselves.

"True North" is north according to the earth's axis, not magnetic north. In life, it applies to God's plan for us, His will/compass and how and what He made us for...not the outside influences that can drag us off course.

"The only hope a sailor has of surviving a storm and navigating an ocean is to have a fixed reference point that enables him to discover where he is and where he is heading. The first navigators kept in sight of land, using familiar landmarks. When mariners dared to push beyond the sight of land, they still needed to find a fixed point of reference. So they looked to the heavens. As knowledge grew and celestial navigation developed, the primary reference point for navigators in the Northern Hemisphere became the North Star, Polaris." SOURCE

All of us, need to consult a map regularly. We need to set our sails, navigate back to the course we know will lead to port, safely.

We can do so by thinking with the port...the end...the mind.

We can turn to Someone to re-orient us.

Psalm 25:4

Make me know Your ways, O LORD; 
Teach me Your paths.

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