What Works For Us in Our Marriage

As I approach my 26th wedding anniversary and 32 years together, I am thinking about marriage and its blessings.

In these images below, I see visual metaphors that illustrate what works for my husband and myself in our relationship.

  • We share a vision.
  • Our eyes look forward, to our goal.
  • I let my husband steer our direction, confident in his lead.
  • We are partners, each needed in our roles as we balance over whatever lies ahead.
  • We moved from "me" to "we." 

My two oldest boys are in love with confident, smart, Catholic women. I pray their life journeys together are as satisfying as ours has been and that they come to similar realizations in their futures.

My beloved and I continue to realize we must sacrifice for each other and put God first, desiring heaven for each other. 

I hope we have many more years to model that to our children.

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