Dr. Ray Guarendi on Marriage & Parenthood - IHM Conference Notes

As always, Dr. Ray Guarendi brought laughs as he spoke about marriage and relationships with lines like, “Estrogen Americans are more in touch with their feelings.”  At IHM National Catholic Parenting & Homeschool Conference he also teased Jeff Cavins, encouraging all to visit his table and see his scratch-n-sniff book.  
Dr. Ray Guarendi - IHM National Conference - June 2017
Here are a few of the more serious bullet notes from Dr. Ray.

·          *  Wives need to feel backed up by their husbands, protected, their authority over the children confirmed.

·          *  When was the last time you apologized? The insecure don’t apologize.  Justice for you, but mercy for me.

·          *  Look hard at yourself, how many would say that you are hard to get along with?

·          *  Are your best manners reserved for your spouse?   Manners=Dignity

·        *   Write down, make a list of all the things that are loveable and admirable about your spouse and share it with them.

·         *  To change your spouse, change yourself.

·         *  Your faith should make you look like a better person.

·         And in regards to those children who leave the faith we strove to bring them up in, remember that for even Jesus…not everyone followed Him.

To hear this talk in its entirety, on and after August 1st  you can find  audio of it HERE, along with other talks from this 2-day Catholic homeschooling/parenting conference.

Dr. Ray Guarendi is the father of 10 adopted children, many of whom have been homeschooled. He is a clinical psychologist, author, public speaker and nationally syndicated radio and television host. His radio show, “The Doctor Is In,” can be heard weekdays on ETWN Radio. You can also listen live online or on Sirius/XM satellite radio, channel 130. Dr. Ray’s national television show, “Living Right With Dr. Ray,” is entering its 4th season.
 His experience includes school districts, Head Start programs, mental health centers, substance abuse programs, inpatient psychiatric centers, juvenile courts, and a private practice. 

Dr. Guarendi has been a regular guest on national radio and television, including Oprah, Joan Rivers, Scott Ross Prime Time, 700 Club, Gordon Elliot, and CBS This Morning. He’s appeared on regional radio and television shows in over 40 states and Canada. He has been the program psychologist for Cleveland’s Morning Exchange, Pittsburgh 2-Day, and AM Indiana. He has written several books, including You’re a Better Parent Than You Think!, Back to the Family and Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime.

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