Poetry in the Pew

I searched for some poetry...elegant words that might ribbon around these images of Easter FAITH and joy.

Because there is something so poetic about these faces, growing up and growing even closer in sibling love.

And poetry can take your breath away...the way the power of Christ's Easter resurrection, recognized,  moves us with joyful gratitude.

Looking down the pew at my family did bring my hand to my heart and the gasp,"Thank you, Lord.
His goodness and gifts, His Salvation plans, are pure poetry!  

I recognized the beautiful, breath-taking sacrifice and then, my need. I lifted these souls in prayer, that they may grow closer to Christ. My greatest desire is that they know God and HisTruth.

In my search for poetry, I found that it's hard to find adequate words...in moments like these.

1 comment:

Magumbo Mamma said...

It would seem you found poetry without words. What beautiful pictures...and how wonderful that God has granted to you the gift of gratitude!

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