Questions to Redirect You to Christ

There's so much out there to distract us from a relationship with Jesus.  Here's a simple redirect, following this holy quote. 
"Bear Christ in heart, mind, and will. 
Bear Him in your mind by His teaching.
Bear Him in your will by your observance of the Law. 
Bear Him in your heart by the Holy Eucharist." - Pope Pius XII
Is Christ in my heart?   When you love someone, you want to be with them.  True Love means the beloved is on your mind and it is your will to want to please them.

* Are Christ 's teachings evident in the way I live my life? He is the Truth, the Way & the Life and I can grow closer and learn from Him by attending The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass regularly, listening to and praying His Word...surrendering to how He chooses to teach me.

* Do I submit to His Will and laws, observing His Sovereignty? Or do I make myself god following my own laws ~ whatever is easiest and suits my desires and feelings?

When I do receive Him, in His True Presence in the Eucharist, is it worthily?  Do I know what that means, in the magisterial teachings of the Church? Have I been to confession and made a contrite examination of my conscience and a firm purpose of amendment, so that I am open and not shut off from His graces?

It's Lent, ...but it is also every day... that I should be asking myself these questions and seeking a conversion of my heart to live my faith more dearly. 

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