Fr. Jeffrey Kirby - Mercy and the Drama of Salvation - IHM National Conference Notes

Life changes when God reveals Himself and we know.

St. JPII said, "Life is not a problem to be solved, it is a mystery to be loved."

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby was a new-to-me speaker and I truly hope to see him speak again sometime.  He was hysterical and although I highly recommend getting the audio of his talk, he really needed to be videoed.  His physical humor added to the laughs.

 To hear this talk, Mercy and the Drama of Salvation, it in its entirety, on and after August 1st  you can find  audio of it HERE, along with other talks from this 2-day Catholic homeschooling/parenting conference.

Here are my bullet notes:

* God works gradually through revelation, covenants and out of kindness, which in Hebrew is the word, "Hesed." The depth of the word implies sheer goodness and mercy . In Latin, it became misericordia, a heart for the unfortunate, miserable ones.

*  When someone upsets us, all we can see is the sin.

*  Sin has no life, it's boring, repetitive. Try grace.

*  In the drama of Salvation, oh where grace will take us! What is the master going to do today? Discipleship is the great adventure! The drama is still being written.

*  God likes order. We are most like him when we bring order out of chaos.

*  Adam & Eve, God gave them everything, God decides right from wrong, it was His tree! They believed the lie and forfeited glory for false power. In justice, God could have done 2 things. He could have destroyed them for offending His glory or he could have ignored them. Both would have been just.  He chose "hesed." God the Father disciplines...leave the garden.  He'll sends a Restorer and they deserve to live out the consequences.

*  And it happens again and again. Noah, after being spared, still sins,  and Abram too sins, in the exact way God promised to bless him. He was told he'd have ancestors like the stars in the sky.  Looking up during the day, he knew the stars were there but he couldn't see the graces promised, he couldn't see them. Ishmael was not the promised blessing. 

*  Later, Moses and David would both require God's "hesed." David's kingdom was the blueprint. He was King, his mother was the Queen and those who wanted mercy went to the Queen mother, whose son could not refuse her. They were flanked by 12 leaders of tribes.  The prime minister was the key bearer. David was the apple of God's eye.  

*  In His everlasting love, God shows mercy... God's constant option throughout history. So, do no less!

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby is a priest of the Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina. He is the Host of the national Christian formation program Doors of Mercy. Currently, he is a doctoral candidate in moral theology from the Holy Cross University in Rome, with research on the natural moral law and conscience formation.
Prior to his doctoral work, Fr. Kirby served as the Vicar of Vocations and the Founding Director of the Drexel House: Catholic Residence for Men. In his vocations work, Fr. Kirby guided hundreds of men and women in the spiritual life and through the process of discernment. From these experiences, he wrote the book Lord, Teach Us to Pray.
Fr. Kirby attended seminary at the Pontifical North American College. He is a graduate of the Franciscan University of Steubenville, with a Bachelor’s Degree in History and a Master’s Degree in Philosophy. Additionally, he holds a Master’s Degree in Bioethics from from the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome.
Fr. Kirby is a friend to Catholic media, and has been on EWTN, CatholicTV, and Salt and Light, three of the largest Catholic television networks in the world. He has also been on the BBC, NPR, and ABC to discuss various issues relating to the Church.
As a parish priest, Fr. Kirby was known for his support to homeschooling families, as an advocate for homeschool curriculum, and as an organizer of homeschool family associations.
Fr. Kirby grew up in West Germany while his father served multiple tours with the US Army in that country, and he himself served in the National Guard with an Honorable Discharge upon completion of his enlistment. Fr. Kirby has run two marathons, and has crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice by boat! He’s a former English tutor to the Pontifical Swiss Guard, tour guide of St. Peter’s Basilica, and all around pasta/Italian food connoisseur!
Currently, Fr. Kirby is working with noted author and theologian Dr. Paul Thigpen on a Christian formation program entitled, Luke: The Gospel of Mercy to be released in the late summer (Pre-Orders available through St. Benedict Press).

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