MOTHERHOOD...What Is The World Without You?

MOTHERHOOD, I hold you in value...what is the world without you?  

Two ladies in Facebook groups have recently shared that having announced their pregnancies they were surprised by rude comments...from friends... to their husbands... instead of congratulations. I have heard similar stories from other friends of mine with large families.

My friends with large families have taught me so much about generosity and selflessness and trust. They show me so much about what is good in life... and meaningful. Their love, their beautiful families, are a witness... not a punchline.

When did LIFE become a joke?  

When did parenthood, life-giving LOVE and the noble service of Motherhood become devalued and mocked as something less than desirable?  Do people really flourish without it?  Isn't it more the case that they are damaged when motherhood isn't embraced and affirmed?

4 Generations 

I know women who mourn for want of children. Their empty arms and hearts ache...
Mocking pregnancy hurts them, too.

Our relationships with our children will be what we are thinking about at the end of this life.  Will we be thinking about success or thinking about the LOVE? LOVE is what we really want from life and our happiness is often measured by the love we feel.

When the comments say "get fixed" what is broken? I know it says more about the commenter than about the family. When the comments say, "are you done?" which child in a family should be "returned"?  

What happened to the word SHAME?  Aren't we ashamed that this is considered humor, to chide the miracle of life? The culture of death has changed us and made a mockery of parenthood.

MOTHERHOOD, I hold you in value...
what is the world without you?  

HAPPY MOTHER's DAY and a THANK YOU to my mother, who always showed us the dynamic importance of Motherhood and a mother's love.
I am grateful for the legacy and the love and friendships that surround me! For those who have no children but offer their spiritual motherhood in nurturing others, I am also grateful. May the Blessed Mother keep them both under her mantle.

God will use each life and bring love to it.  

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Patty said...

Allison, this is exactly it. This is exactly what the devil wants. Without Mary and other mothers embracing their feminine holiness, he is trying to win. He never will, but he has us in a huge battle as he goes down.

I love what you did to your pictures in the post. Fun! I also wish you a (belated) Happy Mother's Day!

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