Teaching Tuesday - Benefits of Playing Hopscotch

On this sunny, Spring day she taught her Dad and one of her brothers how to play hopscotch.

Driveway Hopscotch

Do you remember this chalk game on a driveway of your youth?  Here are the rules/LINK.
“Believe it or not, hopping on one foot is one of the most complex movements the human body can perform. As participants refine their physical coordination, they are also building essential neural pathways in the brain thus resulting in cognitive development, in terms of creativity, reasoning, and self-regulation etc. Hopscotch is a master at helping players master self control. Body-brain computing or eye/hand coordination is honed as the player aims for accuracy.  For more reading on why Hopscotch benefits the body and mind, see :
These benefits may not have been evident to us this afternoon, but our laughter and smiles were. 

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