Faith on Friday ~ On Ways to Fast During Lent

On Lenten Fridays, and for many Catholics every Friday, we fast/abstain from meat.  This I knew, but I am learning that we also fast to discipline the body so that we can focus more intently on the spiritual. And we fast to do penance.

Yesterday I saw this beautiful quote and wanted to share it, to remember it. This is another way I need to fast.  Fasting from the things that keep me from being holy....

"Canon Law states that abstinence from meat is to be observed (by the faithful who are fourteen and up) on all Fridays throughout the year, unless the Episcopal Conference substitutes some other food [cf. Can. 1251, 1252].
In the United States, and in many parts of the world, the bishops have allowed the faithful to make some other sacrifice on Fridays outside of Lent (rather than having to give up meat, they may abstain from some other food). Still, the practice of abstaining from meat on Fridays is maintained throughout the season of Lent."
God bless your Lent and in 40 days may we be changed in all the ways that will bring glory to Our Risen Savior. 

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Nancy Shuman said...

"Fasting from the things that keep me from being holy." Yes. Wonderful.

Therese M said...

Great post! I just wrote about fasting myself. Facebook fasting for me this year. :) Miss you!

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