The Bare Minimum Catholic - Precepts of the Church with Links

As we prepare our last two children for the Sacrament of Confirmation, we are talking about these things...what it means to say we are Catholics.  To say it, we should know what the Church teaches. Above are the bare-minimum-scrape-by-with-the-skin-of-your-teeth guidelines for "being Catholic."  But is that all we want to give to God? God can not be outdone in generosity.

I am encouraging more of myself and my children, to live a life of grace.

Have questions?  Like me, did you really not receive any in-depth understanding of Catholic teaching in your childhood? Do you ever use the phrase, "I'm a Catholic BUT....?" Want to hear the beautiful WHYs of Catholic teaching on tough issues?  See these links.

Learning has its benefits and the benefits to 
learning the Catholic faith 
are  E T E R N A L !

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