My Wishes... In Perspective

The Dandelions in the backyard.... weeds?

Or...magical talismans by which to send wishes?

It's all about....... perspective.

I'm going to make some wishes...because "blowies" are out there on my lawn, and they remind me.

They remind me of my childhood wishes and more recently my children blowing wishes on dandelions.

My whole backyard is bursting with reminders...

I am wrapping up year 9 of homeschooling.  Just 7 more years left.  This sweetness mixed with struggle is past its half way point, heading for a decade.  More than just the homeschooling job, I am savoring the at-home parenting that I know is pruning back as my children mature. Loving it like I do...relishing what it has given my family...

I WISH - Moms would consider homeschooling.

The TIME with my children...the time that is fleeting. Yes, there are trade-offs, worries if you do and worries if you don't.  The only remedy for that is FAITH. No life is free from worries and doubts. But there is family time, sibling friendships, less stress and impressive statistics about the benefits of homeschooling. I treasure this time and decision.

I WISH - that my 2nd son, my 12th grader, who had his last online class today will love his college life as much as his older brother does. 

Transitions are hard.  I am already missing him. New leaves, new beginnings. Growth.

Another reminder are these "helicopters. "  That's what we call them, as they spin and whirl and fall all over our back deck.  Every year they return.  Childhood memories and reminders that with children leaving home this helicopter won't be able to hover as much.

We call these tree seeds "helicopters."
I WISH -  for returns and reunions and continued family closeness.

I WISH -  it would all slow down, my children growing older..leaving the nest.

My young buds and blooms are green and new, graced with light. The world can be jaded and there are parasites.

I WISH -  for them a strong faith, a true north. Direction. Fortitude.

Knowledge of the challenges and obstacles, but the perspective not to choke amongst the weeds but float toward heaven, above it all, with the blowies.

May they be busy and the bees so focused on their work. May their focus be on what is above, higher things. Remembering a family motto - Quae Sursum Volo Videre "I wish to see the things that are above."

My whole backyard is buzzing with reminders.

I WISH - for all my friends a respite from the busy and some reflective moments this Mother's Day.

We buzz here, we buzz there...we pollinate. Often too purposeful to see the fruits of our labor, our perspectives are not in the garden and the backyard of sweetness but in the dusty, shadowed corners of fears, doubt and weariness.

I WISH - for serenity...gratefulness...grace...stamina.

To see the fruit of our labor, be of that perspective.

We have tended to our gardens. The buds are ready to burst into bloom with sweet fragrance.

Make a wish.


Melanie Johnson said...

Lovely thoughts.

Billie Jo said...

Good morning!
I simply adore this post...
The "Wish Flowers" are a favorite here. My baby 5...reminded us that they are not weeds at all. They are beautiful flowers. Every time they pop up in our yard, I smile.
Thank you for the lovely words you shared here. I too share many of your feelings regarding motherhood, homeschooling, and faith.
We were late to the game of homeschooling...We arrived by way of discontentment in our Catholic school due to lack of faith education and overemphasis on sports and other activities which take away the blessed and fleeting family time.
It was a difficult time for us, but I am so very thankful for it. It opened our eyes to the possibility of Homeschooling. And the decision to embrace it has been the biggest blessing for our family! Thank you for all you posts, my friend. I cherish my time here.
Happy Mother's Day!

Christine said...

I wish for time to slow down also. My children are growing up so fast. So so very fast.

I don't homeschool and I am thankful that you homeschooling moms still love me??!!;)

I do love our very very much.

Love your photo's. I want to apologize about leaving the photography group...but I just felt so much pressure to have perfect pictures.

Happy Mother's Day to you. You have always inspired me.

Allison said...

Thanks, friends!

Christine, I so, so, SO LOVE you! Since forever, we go back and my admiration for all you do is immense.

I hope you'll reconsider the photo group as I am always out of focus and technically flawed. Let's just share what we love. Sorry you felt pressure.


Mary said...

So many beautiful and wise thoughts and comparisons.
This task of letting them go so quickly after finishing up their schooling years seems a little unfair (for us moms). I know that's our job and we have send them out there. It comes too quickly!
Happy Mother's Day to you Allison!

Patty said...

How I love this! You speak my language. It allowed me to pause, reflect, and smile. Wishing you a beautiful Mother's Day on Sunday! God bless!

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