Extraordinary Sunday in Steubenville

The Missa Cantata Latin High Mass at Franciscan University was done so beautifully and well attended this Sunday at 4pm.  The polyphony choir, the organ and Fr. Gregory Plow, TOR, were all so impressive I wanted to share some images and video with you.

The Extraordinary Form is offered weekly at the University and monthly there is also a High Mass/ Missa Cantata.

"The music will reflect what one might have heard during the Easter season in Paris in the 1930s," said Nicholas Will, assistant professor of sacred music at Franciscan University and director of the Schola Cantorum Franciscana.
Some of the music to be performed will feature the power and majesty of the organ, such as Louis Vierne's Solemn Mass in C-sharp minor. Other pieces will reflect the musical character of 20th-century French sacred music, including Olivier Messiaen's O Sacrum Convivium! and a suite of organ music by Charles Tournemire based on Gregorian chant.
The Schola Cantorum Franciscana is composed of 27 Franciscan University students and members of the wider community. The organists will be sacred music majors Andrew Barnick and Christine Canavan.
- See more at: http://www.franciscan.edu/Events/Fine-Arts-Events/Mass-in-the-Extraordinary-Form-ctk/#sthash.arB6Wxxl.dpuf

In his homily, Father Gregory spoke about Vatican II and "active participation." Active participation in an EF Mass may not feel or look the same as what we're used to as participation in a Novus Ordo Mass.  Active participation isn't limited to outward participation...PRAYING the Mass, letting it wash over us is participation in an INTERIOR way.

Active participation in the Mass, regardless of the form of the Mass, IS INTERIOR participation. Aligning ourselves to the sacrifice that Christ is making for us, the veil is parted and we are at the foot of Calvary.

Likening active participation to Good Shepherd Sunday, Father Gregory reminded us that we are the sheep and all we really need to do is let Jesus carry us.

And we did feel carried away at this beautiful Mass, grateful that it is present on this campus and with priests who inform about it.  Our hearts and minds were lifted upward.

Earlier in the day we were at another EF/Latin Mass, this time off campus in the town of Steubenville, Ohio at St. Peter's.

As we prayed right behind a group of Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, we knew the Good Shepherd is providing for His flock in Ohio.

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