Half Way

Half way.

Through the school year....

Through students left to homeschool...almost. Soon there will just be 2 left.

Through portrait sessions with my kids, again 2 out of 4 down.

This guy, #3 son, is half way through his 13th year...but all the way handsome!

And my baby girl, half way through her 10th year.




Billie Jo said...

What beautiful photos of your beautiful children.
Time does indeed pass quickly.
I know you are enjoying it. : )
Have a cozy weekend...

Christine said...

Beautiful pictures of your children. You should be so proud.

Patty said...

Such LOVELY pictures! Those dimples!

Patty said...

Such LOVELY pictures! Those dimples!

veronica said...

Hi Alison, thank you for this candle prayer! it was beautiful. and also all these pictures of you kids, all of them are beautiful, I really like your blog very much, carry on you doing a wonderful job, God bless you and your family. Greetings from London.

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