Capture Your 365 - Slices of Life 2/365

I'm attempting to participate in the #cy365 photo-a-day challenge. For me, I am hoping it is a way to get more experience with my camera and iphoneography.  More importantly, I've been wanting to photograph more of what represents the "slices-of-life"  that chronicle our days.

And so, my daughter and her beloved iPad from which she cares for My Talking Tom Pet , plays nail/beauty salon and runs a restaurant in Order Up app.  I love her smile and her finished products that she delights in showing me.

2/365 #cy635
I'm going to use a new app too, to organize my 365 photos, which is aptly titled Photo 365. It will keep my photos in a calendar, facilitate sharing across media and I can print them all in a 365 book at the end of 2015.

Want to remember another slice of life today,  this fun video the boys thought up.

How will you be capturing and chronicling the memories that you want to cherish... that might slip away otherwise? Hope you'll share your ideas with me.

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Ebeth said...

Allison, I wish I was as savy as you when it comes to blogging (I can't fix my header) photographs(I can't figure out how to place them in a post where I want it!!) and have them look as good as you make yours!!!!


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