IHM Conference Notes - Johnnette Benkovic

EWTN's Johnnette Benkovic had her coffee!

She was a ball of energy - passionate and charismatic - at the IHM National Catholic Homeschool and Parenting Conference.

Her topic - Catholics in the New Millennium

We were created by God “for such a time as this.” As Catholics, we have a distinct call and mission in the 21st Century. What is it and how do we comply with it? This talk will answer these two questions and give practical strategies as we face the unprecedented challenges of our day and time.

My notes...
  • Some of God's greatest blessings in scripture are wrapped up in small words...like ALL.
  • God will work our challenges for good.
  • We have a part to play in that grace, always available to us.
  • Love is an act, not an emotion, total self-donation.
  • Citing Ephesians 1:3  and noting EVERY...if we let Him .
  • You are no surprise to God even if you were a surprise to your parents!
  • This moment in history needs you now.  If you surrender to Him, you can become His conduit of grace to transform the world. 
  • Make the face of God present - we are His body so we need to contribue to the body to radiate it to the world.
  • Now I rejoice in what I am suffering for you, and I fill up in my flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ's afflictions, for the sake of his body, which is the church. - Col 1:24
  • We enter into His passion today through persecutions. The time will come when people will stop sound doctrine. Be steady.
  • Spiritual blessings don't always feel good. If it feels bad it doesn't mean God has abandoned me.
  • Faith isn't about emotions. It's about knowing God is there. Embrace the Cross.
  • Admire the lives of the saints.You may know them, but do you want to imitate them?
  • Are you training for martyrdom and persecution... for the greatest witness of all?
  • You are called to be saints and He will give us what we need to attain it.
So unforgettable to see this EWTN fixture in person. Follow Johnnette Benkovic on social media.

johnnette webMrs. Johnnette Benkovic is Founder and President of Living His Life Abundantly International, Inc., a Catholic evangelization apostolate with outreaches in television, radio, print, and internet communications. She is also Founder of Women of Grace, a Catholic apostolate for Christian women that features a number of outreaches including conferences, curricula, study groups and more.

After years of being a non-practicing Catholic, Johnnette experienced a deep conversion back to her Catholic faith in 1981 and discerned a call to share the Gospel message through the media. She has been a consistent presence in Catholic radio since 1987 and in Catholic television since 1988.

Johnnette is Executive Producer of The Abundant Life (seen internationally on EWTN), a television program that discusses contemporary issues from a Catholic perspective. She is also host of Women of Grace Live, a one hour call-in radio talk show that airs live five times a week. She is heard nationally on AM/FM stations and internationally via short wave radio.

In addition, Johnnette is a popular conference speaker, retreat conductor, and seminar presenter, and has been published in major Catholic magazines. She is the author of several books including Full of Grace: Women and the Abundant Life, Grace-Filled Moments, Living Life Abundantly: Stories of People Who Have Encountered God, Experience Grace in Abundance: Strategies For Your Spiritual Life, and The New Age Counterfeit. Johnnette was married to her husband, Anthony, for nearly 34 years and became widowed in 2007. She is the mother of three adult children, two living.

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