And Life Is Pushing My Swing - Kennywood

A summertime classic diversion - a day at Kennywood, an 1898 historical national landmark amusement park just an hour from Franciscan University.
In some ways it feels like summer is just beginning, as more good times are ahead of us.

Hope for you, as well, that you've had occasions for hands-to-the-sky delight!


Kim said...

awesome pics. That first one could win a prize.

I went to kennywood as a child and loved it.Many trips and memories. My teen went there this year with her class.

Allison said...

Thanks, Kim!

Those spectacular clouds just make the shot.

This was our first trip to Kennywood. It is such a doable park...not too big, nicely maintained and lots of shady spots. I am sure we'll go back. Do you live nearby?

Susan Jaynes said...

Thank you for your beautiful photos and words. I love your posts. Such great moments captured. God bless.

Susan Jaynes said...

One more thought....I would love you to critique and give input on my blog if you have time. It is a different one and I struggle in figuring out how to go about it.

I seem to write things that maybe no one is needing to hear? Thanks. Feel free to email me and I will be able to share more of what I am trying to do when I have time.
Susan at

Christina said...

I love Kennywood! I live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and it is so neat to see that you were there! I hope you had a great time. We are so blessed to be so close to Franciscan University. Our young adult group and youth group has gone there for retreats and FOPS.

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