50 Things WOMEN & GIRLS Can Do For Their Church

Acknowledging the list of the faithful women on Catholic Homeschool Moms Facebook page who today created this inspiration in answer to....

How can our daughter's "participate" in their parishes?

1. Teach CCD
2. Lead an Apologetics Club
3. Organize and hold pro life rallies
4. Organize a fundraiser for your local pro life shelter
3. Go on a mission Trip
4. Go on a Pilgrimage
5. Offer to volunteer in the Rectory.
6. Maintains a Youtube channel for our parish. Videotape, edit and uploads Parish events.

7. Organize new comers reception
8. Run a vacation Bible School
9. Start a female vocations club. You could visit area women religious, find out how you can volunteer to help them, learn their charism and encourage young girls to discern their vocation.
10. Join the Choir

11. Learn to play the organ to provide music at Mass
12. Start a schola
14. Organize a schedule for Blessed Adoration so Jesus is never alone!
15. Start a Bible study
16. Organize meals for families with new babies or newly adopted children.
17. Drive the elderly to Mass
18. Offer to help care for young children during masses to help families out.
19. Help clean the church
20. Offer to prepare a meal weekly or monthly for the priests

21. Clothing drive to provide gently used clothes to the foster children in our area.
22. Visiting the elderly and sick who are unable to make it to mass.
23. Food drive for the poor , St. Vincent De Paul Society
24. Back to school clothes and supplies drive for needy
25. Join a committee in the church
26. Put together a fundraiser such as a rummage sale, bake sale, dinner, soup sale, to help raise money for your parish
27. Go with friends to pray outside an abortion clinic...and organize the prayers.
28. Host a baby shower for a local pro-life center/shelter.
29. Raise money to buy books for the parish library or pamphlets for the vestibule.
30. Be a buddy to a child with special needs or who is entering the Church.
DECORATE the Church for holidays
31. Start a Saints Book Club for kids,
32. Organize girls to make and sell advent wreaths.
33. Start a club to make spiritual bouquets for your local priests and religious.
34. Young ladies group to focus on the corporal works of mercy and bring Light to the world 
35. May Crowning Party

36. Corpus Christi Procession
37. Mother's helper society for parish moms
38. Little flowers program. They have a hospitality program for the older girls, too.
39. Crochet, knit, or sew? She can make clothes, blanket, etc. and donate them to the local pregnancy center or L & D ward in a hospital
40. H.O.PE. helping others pursue eternity and used Fr. Lassance's book, The Catholic Girls Guide.
41. Organize a girls retreat

42. Create and manage a parish religious book library.
43. Take + Create a parish archive of photos (kinda what I do)
44. Create social media for your parish - a Pinterest page, FB page, tweet and/or Instagram.
45. Write a quarterly parish newsletter.
46. Organizes a monthly social after Mass and a summer picnic.

47. Sew priestly vestments.
48. Catholic Daughters of Americas http://www.catholicdaughters.org/jcda.shtml

50. and, most importantly, ASSIST at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass....PRAY it!

PLEASE, add more in the comments.

**Update** a great addition from the combox and MamaOwl
51. Carry, birth, rear and educate a new generation of priests and religious, mothers and fathers, for the Church; ultimately the future citizens of Heaven!


Heather Anne said...

A fabulous list of all the amazing and wonderful things ladies and girls can do to help their parish. Even more importantly these are often GIANT holes in the ministry that desperately need to be filled. I know most of the parishes I have attended struggle with 7, 8, 9, 11, 14, 16, 18, 34, 35, 38, 42, and 46 especially.

We so often complain about what is lacking in our parishes. A very good friend of mine once told me "Well, you have two choices. You can be part of the problem, or part of the solution." We need to be proactive in our parishes providing solutions and being the hands and feet of the Body.

Mama Owl said...

Carry, birth, rear and educate a new generation of priests and religious, mothers and fathers, for the Church; ultimately the future citizens of Heaven! #1 thing we can do, IMO! :) love your list, Allison.

Tracy said...

Like what I just did recently for our Catholic Hearts Workcamp. You can also do this to help raise funds for your church or parish school. Organize a craft show.

Joy said...

Help with funeral meals: prepare a dish for the funeral and/or help to serve at the meal itself.

Lynne said...

LOVE this! What a wonderful and comprehensive list! There are so very many things a young lady can do to help her parish family! Thanks for this Allison.

Sarah said...

Fabulous list! VERY inspiring! Going to pass this onto our new Council of Catholic Women that is just starting.

Jen B said...

This is a great list, you can also start a Confraternity of Christian Mothers Group to pray for the children of the parish. Great ideas!

R Curcuru said...

Serve as lector, as an altar server or as an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, particularly to the homebound. Serve on the pastoral council, school board or finance board. Run the parish fair.

Margi in MT said...

Lead a group rosary before or after Mass.

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