I Need A Favor ... HGTV Asked....

3:17 PM
...who is your favorite on their Brother Vs. Brother show? And I am hoping you will say it's my dear brother-in-law, Brett !

Winning it could be a dream come true for someone truly deserving....
They are now down to half the contestants left and so it gets more nerve-wracking each week! Reality TV and their editing doesn't accurately show what a TALENT he is! Hope you watch his video (below) and see more before-n-afters on his website, also linked below. When you do, I believe you will agree with me that Brett has the know-how and presence. (Shameless plugging, I know....endulge me. We are excited!!)

HE IS very talented. http://brettkarns.com/ If I wasn't his sister-in-law and didn't know how wonderful and deserving he is on so many levels, I would STILL think that on this show he is the whole package!  You really can see his passion and vision in this video.

Brett Karns, Realtor/Developer from Kimo Easterwood on Vimeo.

SO...if you have a moment and feel inclined, please TWEET to @LorenRuch  - 

#‎brovsbro @BRETTKARNS favorite designer! @HGTV @MrDrewScott @MrSilverScott 

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and share, like friend, actress and client, Molly Sims...

Got this far?  You are VERY KIND for indulging me in this request of a personal nature.  We will now return to regularly scheduled programming.  ;)

Watch Sunday nights - HGTV - 10pm EST

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