GREAT Homeschooling Infographic & Statistics


Billie Jo said...

Oh thank you for this! After eleven years in a very good Catholic School System, we are beginning our cyber/home school journey this year! And we could not be happier...this information validates our decision.

Have a wonderful day!

Chris said...

Amazing info, Allison.
I think what impresses and surprises me most is the level of educ that Hsing parents have.
I am so humbled and thrilled to be raising my kids in an atmosphere where MOST of their friends' parents have masters and doctorate kids think that's the way the world is....Moms and Dads being highly educated and then learning alongside their kids!
THAT to me is so surprising. 87% of HSing Dads and 25% of the moms have doctorates? wow.
Thanks, love this.
Hope all is well!

scmom (Barbara) said...

Very interesting...especially the statistic that 96% of homeschoolers understand politics and government compared to 65% of the general population.

Jen said...

My mother pulled my twin brothers out of public school in the mid 1980's, when the only Catholic home schooling curriculum was Seton. She pulled them out because one of my brothers was dyslexic, and was having a terrible time in school. They home schooled through high school, and are now 27 years old and live on their own.

janet said...

I'm visiting from the LetsHomeschoolHighshool blog roll.
This chart of statistics is so interesting. So much information. I can't even say which part I found most interesting...ALL of it! Thanks for sharing that.

Let me share with you the link for the October LetsHomeschoolHighSchool blog hop:

Mikki said...

Where are you?

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