Homeschooling & Learning With YouTube

On Facebook there are so many resources for homeschoolers!

One that I am especially enjoying is Homeschooling With YouTube.  Since we began homeschooling I have utilized the visual media to layer learning for my students.  I've used Netflix and YouTube to make Fridays fun and bring history, for instance, alive. As a film major and enamored with photography, the image is important to me. I feel it can uniquely impart information.

Here are some YouTube videos that I will be using with my students.

C.G.P. Grey video channel

The HistoryTeachers Channel - History for Music Lovers The Black Plague to the tune of HOLLABACK GIRL!


 I am compiling my own YouTube Playlist of Homeschool videos. Check them out. They may find their way on to my Pinterest homeschool and grade level boards, where more resources reside.

  Have any to share? Please comment and I might add them to the Playlist and Pinterest boards. Thanks!

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