Sunday Silence - Family & Latin Mass Easter Photos

praying before Mass

With my Mom and Dad

Brunch at Longwood Gardens

She woke him up early on Saturday, the day our "bunny" comes.

 God bless you this Easter season. He is  risen! Alleluia!


TLW said...

Such beautiful children Allison, you have done a wonderful job raising them in the Catholic faith. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter. Continued blessings during this Eastertide. Joyce

Arley said...

Your church is so simple yet beautiful. I wish our church was like that. Simple is better!

Your children are beautiful!!! You eldest son has become a very handsome man! Happy Easter and God Bless!

Allison said...

Joyce - thank you for your kind words I pray for all our children because I know there are no guarantees. We talk about the faith a lot, we love it, we participate and hopefully it will be an anchor in their lives.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday too and I'll be checking your site for photos. God bless your Eastertide.

Arley - thank you, too! I often wish my church was a bit grander, especially when I see photos from other Latin Masses and when we visited churches in Rome. I love a traditional sacred space that lifts one's heart and mind to God....that takes your breath away. Our inner city church is certainly a "simple" beauty compared to some of the modern/suburban churches that don't feel Catholic to me. Our Eucharistic Lord is deserving of honor, yet HE is the greatest beauty within the Church, right?

I hope your beautiful family had a blessed Easter Sunday and that Eastertide has many graces for you all.

Love your comments, friends. Thanks always for visiting and taking the time.

Chris said...

Lovely shots~
Your kids are just beautiful and your parents look like absolutely the best. if we lived closer, I;d be adopting them as grandparents for my kids....they have none. Paul's and my parents are all deceased........
Wonderful how they all enjoy each other.
Thanks for sharing you holiday with us!

Candy Hartmann said...

Beautiful family,Allison. Thank you for sharing!

Christine said...

Happy Easter to you and I sure enjoyed all the pictures...the garden pic. ...AMAZING!

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