Henry Poole Is Here - A Film to Recommend

Somewhere, in my internet adventures, I ran across a recommendation to see this movie. So I rented Henry Poole Is Here (PG) from Netflix.

Saturday night at the movies in our family room, popcorn and something to share with my kids that wasn't our usual, explosive fare...yet still, impactful. It was nice to see well-known actors in a movie that had a Catholic priest and a message of faith. I like films that show transformation and this was one where the main character is led from a life of sadness, without hope or faith to one where he becomes a part of the miraculous.

Not too much is known about Henry's life before, perhaps symbolic of its pointless emptiness. Yet, seeing how nice he was to all around him I could only wish that the movie continued and I could see how much better of a man he could become once he humbled himself to let Christ overshadow him. HEAL him.


Read the Catholic Media Review HERE.

And this, from another reviewer, "Rarely do we see a mainstream film (“indie” as it is) that deals so openly and concretely with the concept of faith, depicting the different ways that people deal with a possible encounter with the divine. Henry is not the only skeptic. It’s intimidating, even frightening, for some to come face to face with the divine. Even Father Salazar is cautious, sensing the weight of having to confirm or dispel a miracle. The film also explores the relationship between miracles and faith. Do we perceive miracles because we have faith, or is faith the product of being touched by miracles? Do we believe in miraculous healing, or do we heal ourselves through the power of our own minds? And what role can we play in growing and nurturing the faith of others—particularly those lost in despair?" - Greg Tubbs


Chris said...

Hey sounds like a great movie!
I'm going to res it at my lib site now!
Thanks for the rec, ALlison.


Jamie Jo said...

Thanks for the recommendation, I put it in our que!!

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