Happy FIRST Birthday, Catholic Pinterest!

....My, how you've grown!! Happy Birthday, BABY.

On the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, 2012, Catholic Pinterest was launched. In the year that had followed we are up to almost 4,000 followers and 86 contributors. Links on faith are shared on this board, a visual filing cabinet of sorts...our "Narthex" of pinspirations.

The Catholic faith is filled with beautiful images and on Pinterest, the image is king. That suits me, as I believe words need images.  Images appeal to me for memory and learning and inspiration.

On Pinterest I have the following boards (besides the group board, Catholic Pinterest) which keep track of what I want bookmarked.

Holy Images - for images of our faith that I find beautiful.

Clever - links to great and clever ideas!

For the Home - ideas that I want to consider for my home, improvements, tips, decor

For the Palette and Booze - recipes!

I Can Do Dis! (something my youngest son once said) - EASY crafts

Like here, on the blog tags, I have a Pinterest board called Soundtrack of My Life - for music videos that relate to times in my life. For videos that teach and inspire, I have a board called Virtuous, Valiant Valuable Videos.

There are also boards for Holidays, Collectibles, From the Lens (my photos) Humor, Products I Love, First Holy Communion, Lighting, Wishlist, FYI (with many ProLife and political pins) and Courageous Priests Engaged in Social Media. But of special interest to homeschoolers, I have others to recommend. It occured to me that I could organize my homeschool via Pinterest boards!

I have a general Homeschool board and one for Science , Backyard Nature and Art, but I've also created them by grade level, too! Cataloging resources I have used for Mother of Divine Grace, I have boards for 3rd-12th grade. These are also complimented with resource boards relating to Testing (Standardized, college prep) and Recitation (for poetry) Maps (for history) and Field Trip locations.

I'm not the only one who sees Pinterest as an enjoyable way to bookmark.

Pinterest itself is now the 3rd largest social media site, almost neck and neck with #2, Twitter. And it can WORK for you!!

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Valerie said...

Hi Allison! I discovered you on pinterest before I found your blog! Funny, huh? And now I need to go and check out all of your other boards.

The thing I love about Pinterest...it allows my OCD side to virtually organize! LOL

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