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The first and only Pope I have been in the presence of, I will miss him so much! I thank him for his wise words, loving eyes, volumes of writings, Summorum Pontificum, his guidance, role model and prayers.

Praying for him and the new Vicar of Christ on earth.


Valerie said...

Hello, Allison.

Such a beautiful post you wrote, thank you for sharing your heartfelt sentiments.

I am anxious about the future, but trusting in God! What a blessing and honor to meet the Pope. I had always wanted to meet Blessed Pope John Paul II. I was a child when he was elected, but it was a huge deal for my 100% Polish-American family! :) My grandmother's were overjoyed that a POLE had been elected pope. LOL

Praying for the future of Mother Church and the strength of character and leadership we need in our next Pope.

Nothing frustrates me more than listening to the national media tell Americans what the Church needs...and what "direction" the church needs to change or go! UGH! As if they would know?!!!

Sorry, about the rant! Back to positive thoughts and lots of prayers.


Chris said...

Beautiful video, were SO close to him!!!Your son did a terrific job!

I have NEVER been in the presence of Papa Ben...We did see BL JPII several times though....
*Mass on the DC mall 1979 ( MY sister and I took Amtrak from NYC to DC)
*Mass at Aqueduct racetrack Oct 1995 in Queens( pouring, torrential rain..I don't know HOW he did was the most amazing experience...he hung in there and said the full mass with homily in many languages...we were all pelted and wind blown and yet all sat still as could be while being drenched for hours...I'll never forget his helicopter arriving and taking off from the track and the cheers of all there as if he was a rock star. Deserved and Unreal.)
*Papal audience in Rome Aug hubby and I got tix and sat in with hundreds of people from all over in that little auditorium ( don't know what it's called) right there in Vat City....He was there on Wednesdays during Aug and we lucked out!)
Thanks for letting me share ....I feel for you, b.c while I, too, love Papa, I do not have the same connection as you do having "met" him....I will still miss him and get teary eyed at the prospect that he is leaving us though and hope he is well...
Thanks Allison!

Chris said...

Hey Allison-

Just wanted to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in my post this AM.
Thx for everything.

Cecilia Escobedo said...

Thanks for sharing that again. Oh.. I was so sad today and yet he is still living, as they said, its not a death but I feel so sad to lose our Benedicito again. But than I have this great hope for the church and future and Our Next Holy Father will have a strong voice and He will stand firm and we will rejoice with him.

Nancy Shuman said...

Thank you so much for this. I hope it's fine with you that I linked to it on Breadbox Letters today. And then I came here and found out that Chris had also linked to you, and I linked to you AND her (how did I miss that?:).

Your video is amazing. It actually made me cry. He was so CLOSE! Thank you more than I can say for sharing it at this time.

Allison said...

Friends, I will always count it as a momentus blessing to have been so close to the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI at that Papal be able to have those photos of him. Never will any of the 6 of us forget the ways his eyes met ours. They were the eyes of love and yet had the weight of the world on them, too.

Valerie - when we were flying over our plane was filled with Poles. They were singing and so joyous for the beatification of Bl. JPII, the Great. I would have loved to have seen him and loved reading what Chris wrote about him. CHills.

Listening to the media is so hard, they are so unaware of what the Catholic CHurch is. The annoyance is an easy Lent offering. They annoy quicker than I can offer up!!

Dearest Cec and Nancy I join you in fervent prayers for another such as our Bl. JPII and Papa Benedict. We need a strong Pope for the battle is only getting harder.

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