Transforming Moment

Praying that I succeed in teaching my children the Catholic Faith, which should inform everything we do. It is not to be compartmentalized and only brought out on Sunday.

Our Holy Father said, "being Christian is not a type of outfit that one wears in private or on special occasions, but something living and totalizing, capable of taking all that is good in modernity."

Links to article worthy of your attention -

Barack Obama and the Cult of Dependency

Here's the lesson from the election, folks!


Sarah said...

I think this is a staggering statistic! Especially after the attacks the Church has faced lately, particularly with the HHS mandate. And what about LIFE? This is the most pro-abortion president we've ever had! What are Catholics thinking?

I did hear that people who are regular Church-goers favored Romney, so I think you are onto something, Allison ... Our goal is to CHANGE this! I thought this article was really good in talking about that:

Christine said...

I read Sarah's link and it makes sense that our leader of this great nation is who it is because of our culture. HOWEVER, what a nightmare for all the unborn. I vote for them every time.

Allison said...

Thanks, Sarah, even the comments on that were great! Great to "see" you, too.

Christine, you'll find yourself nodding to this link, too.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of those Catholics are Hispanic? I attend Mass in Spanish and not once did I hear anything about voting for life. Many Hispanic Catholics are misinformed. It seems that they are more concerned about a piece of paper than the life of a baby and this is something that needs to CHANGE.

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