As Hurricane Sandy Hits Us

Earlier in the day, Monday, the kids couldn't help but get out in the storm.

There was excitement to feel the rain in their faces and the wind picking up.

But now, it's getting worse.... The REAL stuff is coming and we are lined up for a direct hit.

See ya on the flip side and God bless all of us in Sandy's path.


Jen said...

Prayers Allison! We are supposed to get it directly after you all. I'll keep checking on your status on FB. I'm saying the Infant of Prague hourly novena for nine hours...mainly to not lose power because all of David's medication (the important stuff) has to stay cold and our generator won't be able to run the fridge (just the water and heat). God Bless!

Suzanne said...

Keeping up the prayers for you all! We're even getting some of this rain and wind alllllll the way out here. Hmph!

Tiffany said...

You and all in Sandy's path remain faithfully in our prayers, Allison! Great photos and memories that your kids will have playing in that stormy wind and rain:)

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