Amy's Back!

1:55 PM
She's back to blogging!

Some of my blogger friends I have met in real life.  And that is such a blessing! I am grateful for the homeschool conferences that have facilitated those meetings and friendships. 

Amy is one such blogger, an IRL friend,  but also my soul sister. I came to love her not just through her touching writing,  but  through her photos  on her blog. She is an amazing photographer! 

Then, I met her and her husband and some of their children  in person and that completed the package. It was our 3rd conference together, when we first met her husband and realized the guy from the blog was even more wonderful in person!  My husband and Amy's husband stayed up late, after we'd all gone to bed, to talk in the hotel restaurant.  Our teen boys were fast friends. My husband  remarked the next morning how he wished they lived next door. Now Facebook friends, I can see that it is not just us they've had that effect on. All their friends gush about them. 

They are special.

Amy's back to blogging and sharing her photos of her husband's return from a year's deployment. Thought you may like to "visit" her blog and see her touching photos. titled,  Eight is Gr8


Jen said...

That was a beautiful reunion post. What a blessed friendship you all have! I'm jealous she got so much time with you :)

Allison said...

Glad you liked visiting Amy's blog, Jen. Back before husbands and families started going to conferences it was easier to spend time together. That said, I am grateful that the families go as I think they benefit from meeting others like them....seeing our community.

I think we should suggest to IHM that they schedule some more social time, for people to talk between speakers. Hope to see you in June, friend!

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