My Father Shares His Opinion of "Chicago Values"

Another Guest Post
by my Dad
Rahm Emanuel , mayor of Chicago, formerly first assistant to President Barack Obama and one of Obama's closest Chicago affiliates, defended an effort to deny Chick-Fil-A restaurant chain a license to do business in Chicago because , in his words, the chain does not reflect CHICAGO VALUES.

The mainstream press gave the story a "pass" as only the bigoted left can do. Had Charleston South Carolina acted similarly against Ben and Jerry's ice cream chain, because its ownership has embraced every left wing cause, the likes of MSNBC (Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow) would have bellowed that Charleston had become a center of Judaeo-Christian intolerance and the rant against Charleston would be endless. To say that the New York Times, Newsweek and MSNBC are bastions of left wing liberal distortion and fail to resemble legitimate news outlets is almost a self-evident proposition. However putting aside those observations, a far more important issue is at stake; since When does the mayor of any city (least of all Chicago) have the right to put someone out of business in their town because his(her/their) religious values do not meet Rahm Emanuel's (Barak Obama's) criteria of acceptability??

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It is , in my opinion, an actionable violation of both the Due Process Clause and Equal Protection of the law Clauses of the 14th amendment . No state ( nor by definition any municipal entity such as Chicago) has a Constitutional right to deny any corporate person the privilege of doing business on the basis of the expressed religious beliefs of its owners. THIS IS 'PLAIN VANILLA' CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. Yet I cannot find one of our erudite Constitutional scholars on CNN, MSNBC or ABC-TV willing to acknowledge how serious a breach of law this is ??????

The owners of the chain , the Canty family, have expressed a Constitutionally protected right of free speech, for the exercise of which , they should not be put out of business. They do not proselytize you when you go into the store. No one hands you religious pamphlets. No one engages you in conversation about homosexual marriage. No one tries to convert you to any religious belief system. They give you a fantastically delicious sandwich , with a smile, in a clean neat environment, at a fair price. You will enjoy a wonderful treat if you go there. I GO THERE WITH REGULARITY NOW AND ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO SO , TOO. They are wonderful people.

As far as Chicago values, remember it was Chicago that gave us:

1. Al Capone

Murder rates are up 60% in Chicago

2. Mayor Richard Daley who delivered a suspicious extra 65,000 votes for John Kennedy in Chicago in 1960 when Kennedy defeated Nixon for the White House. it is a "fact" that all 65,000 of those "extra" votes came from people who were very, very dead.

3. Fast forward the tape to 1968 when the same Richard Daley had his police "beat the hell" out of youthful Viet Nam protesters at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968.

4. Rod Blagojevich, a true son of Chicago and the Governor of Illinois who is sitting in a federal penitentiary, even as I write, for trying to auction off ---to the highest bidder--- the seat vacated by Barack Obama when he went from the Senate of the United States to the White House. (And by the way, Obama espoused support for traditional marriage up until 3 months ago when he "evolved" and coincidently was about to engage in a series of Hollywood fundraisers.) But Blagojevich never understood why people were somewhat "pissed off" at his entrepreneurial attitude . After all, it was his asset to sell , wasn't it ????


But wait...these are Chicago residents...lined up for Chick-Fil-A and mailing their receipts to Rahm Emanuel


scmom (Barbara) said...

Fabulous job, dad. I agree completely. Keep 'em coming, Allison!

Patty said...


Mom2Seven said...

I love these posts by your dad! He should have a regular guest spot! +JMJ+

Gardenia said...

oh yeah!! We live in an evil world. I wish we had a chick Fil A in our town. I'd be eating there !! thanks for this post from your insightful dad.

Arley said...

We LOVE Chic-fil-a, good for them for sticking to their values!!!

CC Jen said...

I think I love your dad :)

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