Chopped - The Father/Daughter Episode

Have you ever watched the show CHOPPED on the Food Network?

My husband and daughter do. They like to watch it together.

Lately, they've been concocting their own CHOPPED competitions. This morning was the 3rd time they did so and I decided to take some photos and videos of this new tradition.

On the show, ingredients appear in a basket and are a surprise to those competing. Here, a box is brought in from the garage and my 7 year old daughter puts in the ingredients. Today, it was pancakes. They are so cute together when they re-enact the way it's done on the show...with show voices.

Today it'll be pancake breakfast. She's been watching and helping her daddy make them for "years" and now she can make them along side him.

While a timer is counting down, they measured and mixed and cooked pancakes adorned with bananas, strawberries and blueberries for this lucky "judge."

Then the timer went off and they had to stop whatever they were doing!

Bringing their creations to the judge's table, they had to present and describe their creations before I was allowed to dig in.

Lil' girl is becoming a FINE chef! She won!  Hers were so tasty and warmer....probably due to that "extra love on top."

Dad, while you are a winner in our're CHOPPED.


Karri Reiser said...

They look like they were having so much fun and those pancakes looked delicious. I know my hubby is looking forward to our little one getting old enough to help in the kitchen. Our oldest likes to eat more then cook. Have a great weekend

Therese said...

I wonder if chopped is like a program we have here called masterchef. Once a week they have a mystery box and have to make something with the ingredients in it. They have a time limit too. In masterchef, they say step away from your benches though, not hands up. Looks like lot:-) s of fun. Especially the tasting part.

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Ohhh Alison what a blessing to have such a beautiful father/daughter relationship!!

Looks like she is doing really well and getting back to her ole self. Hopefully the Lyme ordeal will just be a great "war story" she can share some day.

Allison said...

My 3 sons are lucky and I prayed for a daughter that she too could have such a dad.

Like my husband always says..."these are the days!"

Life is returning to normal, Jamie and I hope you and Karri both have a blessed Sunday and pancakes in your future. God bless!

Jamie Jo said...

This is my favorite food network show!!! What a fun thing for father daughter to do, blessed girl, blessed daddy!!

I even got my hubby watching Chopped!!!

Steve Girone said...

I demand a re-re-re-match!

Three-time losing DAD

Lexey said...

Great idea! My son is always cooking and we had never heard of this show. We love watching new cooking ideas and the competition makes for such excitement!

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