Dr. Ray Guarendi - Back to the Family - IHM Conference

Day 1, first talk and the laughs are starting. Dr. Ray always brings the laughs and a packed house.

Some notes, taken during the talk -

Sharing best practices of successful parents, he relates that many came from troubled homes and committed to do better.

Dr. Ray says our children need to respect us and talk with respect. God gave parents 10% of the Commandments! Honor your father and mother. Disrespect should not be tolerated in any form. Give them essays and labor for infractions.

(I love that my kids are here and hearing this...getting the message with side-splitting humor.)

The number one theme that emerged from his study of families for his book, BACK TO THE FAMILY, was faith. But spiritual practices aren't a guarantee...

We have a culture that is ok that you rot out a child's soul but one spank and the police will be in your driveway.

Find out more about Dr. Ray via his books and videos. www.drray.com

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TuckerMomof3 said...

Zero tolerance on verbal disrespect! I like it!!!

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