We Are Easter People

So much fun on Easter, we didn't even put a dent in the 200+ Sicilian cookies we made.
Easter 2012 - in our traditional photo spot

My 3 sons and husband comprise 4 of the 5 members of the EF Latin High Mass team

 We had glorious weather on this glorious Easter Sunday

The suits - My 3 sons

A wistful little girl

Much time was spent climbing this great tree!

In all ways, a pinnacle day.
We are Easter people and hallelujah is our song. - Blessed Pope John Paul II


Softie said...

Would you be willing to share the recipe for your delicious looking cookies?

Jamie Jo said...

Oh, those family pictures are all so beautiful!! You look wonderful in pink!!

cookies? Recipe?

Which reminds me, I LOVE YOUR Pinterest, why would I ever need to do Pinterest, I can just go to yours!! (I guess I like what you like)

Happy Easter!

Gardenia said...

all those handsome men and suits and two lovely ladies in pink in the midst of them. such beautiful photos of a beautiful family. send some of those cookies my way, friend. we'd make a dent in 'em!! they look delicious.

Laura said...

What wonderful pictures, Allison! You have a beautiful family! God Bless you and your family this Easter season.

CC Jen said...

What a beautiful family!

We've never been to a Latin High Mass. I need to try that sometime.

Mom2Seven said...

Beautiful pictures! Happy Easter! +JMJ+

Patty said...

Don't you just love Easter Sunday?! What a glorious day! Your pictures are beautiful, Allison. As I look at everyone's blogs and Easter pictures, I find myself just smiling the entire time. Happy Easter to you and your family!

Christine said...

Happy Easter!
Why 200 goodies? Please share?

Your family is a beautiful bunch of souls.
Just look at those young men! and their beautiful little sister..along with beautiful parents.
you are blessed.


Etienne A. Gibbs said...

Thank you, Allison, for following me on Pinterest.

Wow! What an impressive family and an encyclopedic site of the Catholic faith!!!

When I grow up, I want to be like you. In fact, if I were to ever go back to elementary and high school for my Catholic faith education, you would be the one i would pick.

Thanks ever so much for all you're doing for Catholics everywhere!


Etienne A. Gibbs

Suzanne said...

Those cookies look fantastic! Yes, please, please post a recipe. (Said the woman chomping on a sugar cookie as she typed those words.)

Love the pics of the family, too -- and I noticed our daughters had the same Easter dress!

From The Pews said...

Such a Beautiful Family ♥

Thank you so much for sharing! You must be SO PROUD of the 4/5 Members ;)

God Bless You ALL ♥♥

Allison said...

Thanks, friends. I just posted the recipe!

Allison said...


Allison said...

Thanks Etienne and Narda for your kind comments! Etienne, my kids don't always feel that way...teaching is a tough, but rewarding job.

God bless the teachers! God, keep us all students of our faith.

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