The Fulfillment of God's Will

This quote came to my email today from Women of Grace.

 February 24


"One cannot speak of the tragedy of Calvary because there can be no tragedy in relation to Jesus or Mary. The fulfillment of God's will can never be tragic."

Frederico Suarez         


For Reflection:  What great insight! How does this impact your perspective of your own cross? Remember, God's will is expressed through His perfect will as well as His permissive will. Since nothing happens to us without God's knowledge, our sorrows are permitted for a greater good to be manifested. What greater good have you seen come from past sorrows? What greater good might God be working through your current dolor of the heart?                         
So I take this as my MOMENT OF GRACE for the connects with something a friend said to me. She said, "God will choose my Lent, He always does." And right before Lent began, some challenges arose. More will come, I am sure, as I pray to God to open my eyes to ways I can improve. I will lift these crosses up to God in trust for the greater good He will bring.

There is nothing uglier, nothing worse than the Crucifixion....Deicide.

Yet from it God brought the greatest beauty, the greatest Good....Redemption.

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Karen said...

Oh My!

"God will choose my Lent, He always does."

I am going to take your post as another Grace Moment for me! Thank you so much for sharing. That quote absolutely fits my Lent.


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