Catholic, New Media Spots of 2012 to Visit!

There are some exciting, new and vibrant Catholic spots on the New Media/New Evangelization information highway. I mentioned the Mother of Divine Grace YouTube page recently and now 2 more have come to my attention. 2012 has started off with some new "vehicles" to get us to our destination!

On Facebook, join Erika's group, Saint Padre Pio Catholic Social Media Network as it develops as a meeting place for Catholic bloggers. So far bloggers there are sharing posts, twitter addresses, Facebook pages and Pinterest accounts, truly creating a network.

And then, there's this blog, Suscipio . A blog to "raise up, support, maintain the authentic Catholic woman," Suscipio is the movement of the Holy Spirit upon Jenny's heart. There are plans there for a book club and a bible study and ongoing encouragement via blog posts.

These holy women have felt similar calls to use social media to support and build up the Catholic Faith. We live in blessed times and I am encouraged to be... along for the ride!

(Please share in comments any Catholic sites you have found and recommend.)


Monica @ Equipping Catholic Families said...

Hi there!
I'm also involved in the new
St Padre Pio Catholic Social Media Network...and I'd love it if you would check out my Catholic blog

My focus is to equip Catholic Families with solid Catholic and family-strengthening crafts, activities and traditions. I also have quite a few link-ups to share Catholic blog posts.

I have been known to showcase a few Catholic products from my Catholic family apostolate Arma Dei. We have Catechism and prayer based books, cards and craft kits.
Looking forward to digging into your site!

From The Pews said...

Thank you for the Resources!
They are ALWAYS Needed and Much Appreciated!

God Love You ♥♥

Patty said...

Okay, I've signed up for both. You always have great suggestions.

Allison said...

Thank you, Monica, Narda and Patty.

Monica your blog is a WONDERFUL resource and I hope everyone visits it. I will mention it on my Facebook page. I hope you will also visit Narda's and Patty's blogs. There is a treasury out there to encourage us.

God bless you!

Ebeth said...

Nice post!! Great info......not that I need anymore time behind this screen!!!

Thanks for the new info, didn't kmnow about them.

Podcasts are also a GREAT way to learn about our Catholic faith. I listen to:

Pat Gohn's Among Women
DeaconTom/Dee's Catholic vitamins

and the Catholics Next Door, Catholic Foodie, and the Break by Fr. Roderick. Of course, you can't ignor the brilliance of Fr. Z!!

blessings my dear blogger friend!

Raising {& Teaching} Little Saints said...

Thanks Allison! I'm so excited about this blogging network, so far 102 bloggers have joined in and we are learning SO MUCH from one's great plus we just added 100 more possible followers to each other's blogs! :)

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