Pinterest...Take Me Away!

11:20 PM
I find Pinterest soul soothing.

When you were a kid or a teen, did you ever make collages? Remember cutting out images that were meaningful to you from magazines and pasting them all together?

Did you ever take a poster board, or a corkboard or a college room door and cover it with photos and mementos that represented many parts of your life? These boards/walls/closet doors would evolve and change as you and your interests/life did. Right?

So, that's kinda how I see Pinterest. Except now I have lots of boards and they're digital and there's a whole internet to "cut" from. Each board can speak of it's own focus, it's a slice of me. I pin to boards that catalog the essence of my children. I pin to boards that are eye candy to my faith. I've created boards for clever ideas, and for clever words. There are boards that catalog inspirations for home decorating and organizing and delighting our tastebuds. I am only limited by my interests. And other boards may have treasures within them that surprise my imagination and expand it.

Over the weekend, for a few lazy hours, I sipped tea and visited other's boards. From them, I found new delights and shared them to my boards. It was a lovely, reflective diversion and I find myself feeling like there are moments when Pinterest truly calms and soothes me, like the old "Calgon-take-me-away" commercial.

Silly, but effective.

And recently, I went so far as to describe it as "visual crack." Addicting? Yes. And it most certainly speaks to the visuals out there. For others, it will probably seem like a waste of time. I'm sure it could be. But I've invited my friends and family not to get sucked into a new "drug," rather in hopes that they, like me, might appreciate this way to unwind... as a connection to dreams we had and still have... to defining what kind of collage we are.


Gardenia said...

I remember that calgon commercial wuith the lady in the bathtub! haha. I've been on pinterest only a couple times. do you have your own board that you would like to share a link to? I love looking at the Catholic liturgical year boards. anothyer distraction to get addicted to, for sure. God bless your day!

Suzanne said...

That's exactly how I think about Pinterest! I go on before bed to unwind, de-stress, think about what is lovely, creative, and happy and...delicious. :)

Monica @ Equipping Catholic Families said...

I'm a relative newbie to Pinterest, but it really appeals to me too! I just actually posted a Catholic Pinterest PinBoard Share linky because I wanted to follow other people with Catholic Pinboards. Would you check it out?
I even made a cool button to share!

Ablla said...

I'm definitely going to check it out! This is right up my alley :)

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