God's Hand in the Latin Mass ~ My Video

The amount of "interference" with YouTube and Blogger that I have had trying to post this tells me something....

On 7/7/11, it will be the 4th anniversary of Summorum Pontificum, the Holy Father's Motu Proprio liberating the Traditional Latin Mass.

For over 5 years now my family has been attending the Latin Mass every Sunday at a traditional, old, city Church 30 minutes from our home. We were told of this "blast from the past" Mass and, like a field trip, we went to honor the history of the Catholic faith....see the Mass the way the saints saw it.

We fell in love with it.

Five years later there are many families at this Mass, like us, with young children. I used to think that we came to this Mass, this parish, via our own stumbling, our own momentum. But lately I am realizing God's hand in it. Undoubtedly, the old guard prayed for us, they prayed for this Mass to have a future and for young men to take over for them at the altar, to serve. God provided.

Clearly I now see that God's hand was already preparing the Church for 7/7/07 when Pope Benedict would bring the Latin Mass back into the Catholic conversation. He had already filled St. Patrick's pews at this indult Mass in our Diocese. Dear friendships had been made. The new guard was put in place to watch...to be awed...to feel the call to train and to serve this Mass. Today it is their responsibility, my husband's and my 3 sons along with others to kneel at the foot of the altar and respond in Latin like generations before them. The old guard's prayers were answered and it's all God's doing, of course. Coincidence is not the word I would use, God's Providence is Extraordinary.
I liken God's work in our life to a quilt being pieced together. At the moment when He is stitching some incongruous patch we can't "see" how it's going to work out. Sometimes we wonder why this, Lord? It is only in hindsight, when we've moved away from the moment and can look on from a distance, that the work done is "seen" as surprisingly fitting, beautiful, the Artist's Work. Indeed it all does come together, to create something unique that attests to a Masterful Plan. His plan for us fills me with joy. If you follow my blog regularly you've seen the photos of my husband and sons on the altar before and know how moving that is to me. They are God's Witness and God's Knight.

Moved by the revelation of God's hand in this and the uniqueness of this moment in time when the Latin Mass is in a hopeful resurgence...I felt a need to capture that in words and pictures. To archive the beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass at our parish, and with the permission of our priests, I have been photographing scenes from these years. Recently I felt called to compile them into a "video" to share.

This is to share our joy, to thank the Holy Father and to hopefully spread the beauty of the Extraordinary Form of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Deo gratias.

Thank you, Holy Father, for the Motu Proprio - Summorum Pontificum encouraging the Traditional Latin Mass!

"What earlier generations held as sacred, REMAINS SACRED AND GREAT FOR US too, and it cannot be all of a sudden entirely forbidden or even considered harmful. It behooves all of us to preserve the riches which have developed in the Church’s faith and prayer, and to give them their proper place."

-Pope Benedict XVI, the Vicar of Christ on earth, LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT.

And where will the Holy Spirit lead us next? I pray to take His hand with trust.


JOYfilled Family said...

Extraordinary, indeed. We too, were brought to the Traditional Latin Mass several years ago. We drive about an hour to get to this rich blessing. We trust that the Good Lord has had His hand on our journey. The blessings continue to flow. We give thanks and praise for His gentle (and not so gentle promptings). We too seek to share our Joy.

Pax Christi - Lena

Melissa said...

That's Great! thanks for sharing...our nearest Latin Mass is 45 minutes and I keep thinking I will go but we have not done it. I think my 2 oldest girls would be excited to not be the only girls their age wearing mantillas :)Peace and Joy!

Lisa said...

I have never been to a Latin Mass. How can I find out where the it is being celebrated near here? I would love to experience it after reading all of your posts! Perhaps my family and I will just have to visit you one of these days, Allison. :-)

I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

God bless,

Patty said...

Truly beautiful!

Brent Stubbs said...



God bless,


Anonymous said...

This is lovely.

His Consuming Fire said...

Very beautiful! I just may try the Latin Mass in our town now. Thank you for compiling this video. It is truly inspirational!

Allison said...

HCF - I had hoped that was God's reason for giving me the idea. Hope you enjoy the rich, historical, Catholicism of the Latin Mass in your area. Thank you so much for letting me know!

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