IHM Conference - Why Should I Study That?

Deacon Eugene McGuirk speech was entitled "Why Should I Study That? I’ll Never Use It Again!"

As described in the conference brochure, "This talk covers the philosophical view that Catholic education is not mere job training, but is primarily Salvation training. Sentence diagramming, Algebra, and Latin may not seem important, and may seem to be skills that will never be used again in the ‘real world,’ but, as Mr. Myiagi told Daniel-san,
“not everything is as seems.”

Deacon McGuirk began by referencing the push-up, in coaching basketball he did not use it as punishment but as a strengthener. Although push-ups are never used during the game, they help you PLAY the game better.

Making several references to The Karate Kid, which I now have to rent to show my kids, he quoted the line, "not everything is as it seems." Relating that repetitive training creates a reflexive muscle, the Deacon then connected this to school subjects that teach students how to think and develop their own reasoning power.

Some notes -

Logic, writing, literature - to see connections, conceptualization and reasoning - higher order

Creates good problem solving skills

Algebra - think abstractly, find what's missing, find known rules in new ways,

Correlations, causations

Geometry is relational, a problem solving skill, ordered precise, proof of correctness, deductive reasoning.

Statistics from College Board research studies and Verbal test scores of students who have studied foreign languages.

Spanish or Italian - scored higher

French/ German - scored higher than above

Latin - scored the highest on average.

Latin trains for memory, discipline, concentration, systematic work and habits of critical thinking

All great info to remind our students of when they will undoubtedly ask, "Why do I have to learn this?!"

Which reminded me of some videos I've bookmarked under WHY STUDY LATIN?

Helpful visuals, and studies

Longer and not as visually stimulating, but good points to consider!

"Wax on, wax off" with these methods behind the madness.


PattyinCT said...

Great post! Fuels a lot of thought:)

I always questioned the Latin, but when my sons become Canon lawyers, I'm sure they'll appreciate the effort! Hehehehe...

If you rent the Karate Kid, get the Will Smith version. My husband was a HUGE fan of the 80's version, but ended up liking the newer version even more...My boys loved it too!

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for sharing all this. After a break from Seton, I have my 9th grader enrolled and just re-enrolled my 11th grade daughter. I'll have to use "wax on, wax off" as my new catch phrase! LOL


Christy said...

Thank you for the posts. We use MODG but as far Latin we use the Classical Liberal Arts Academy . This is an exceptional program. My two 7th graders are thriving and never want to return to Latina Christiana. The CLAA is taught online and each lesson has to mastered before you can move on. You can view samples on their website

I love you Blog!


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