A Vatican Bloggers Thank You Note

O so gracious.

My compliments continue on the graciousness of the PCCS and their Vatican Bloggers Meeting.

This "Thank You Note" came to my email today.
"Dear Bloggers,

As the buzz and excitement of the Vatican Blogger Meeting settles and your feedback and discussions take flight through the blogosphere, we wish to send to the blogging community, through the 150 representatives, a word of thanks and encouragement.

The pastoral presence of the Church in this emerging cultural reality is our concern and it is our desire to sustain and support the work you, be you Catholic or other, are undertaking to make the net more human. Besides reflections on copyright issues and what it means to be a Catholic blogger, this meeting has been a first step in recognising this expression of human experience, not just as an alternative and supplementary form of news diffusion, but as a lively community with its own needs and expectations, anxieties and difficulties. It is our intention to listen to you, walk and work with you as social networks and micro-blogging evolve and the effects of these rapidly developing languages spill over into the wider community.

In concluding this moment of a dialogue which we imagine will continue in other times and places and with different means, we bring to your attention two review articles, which for the moment are only available in Italian unfortunately: one by Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture [ http://goo.gl/oPH0w ] and one by Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, (http://bit.ly/ja5Nwc) President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications Please accept our cordial regards and thanks for all your contributions to this dialogue, including on the twitter handle #vbm11.

The Organising Committee"

While it may be true that the Vatican recognized that they were late to embrace social media, here I see a very proactive Vatican schooling me in gentility. It is I who should thank them. And I do. I thank them for the experience, their outreach, their kindness, their palpable desire to engage.

Can I ask you for your graciousness? Please note that on my blog sidebar I now have a series of links relating to Vatican updates/social media outreach. Also, I intend to add posts of interest regarding the Vatican on my Shared Items sidebar as well. Perhaps you'll look at them from time to time?

The internet really has made the world feel smaller. I know it connects me with Catholics from all over. Can' t imagine life without it! Sharing our Catholicism over the internet is a relatively easy way to fulfill our obligation to spread the gospel. Post a link about your joy in the Catholic Faith on your Facebook or Twitter. Be ready always to answer those who ask the reason for the hope within you. (1 Peter 3:15)

And if anyone knows a better source for translating other than YahooBabel, please let me know. When the technology comes about that finally conquers our language barriers can you imagine the conversation?!


JOYfilled Family said...

Deo gratias!
thanks is due all around. i thank you for so graciously sharing your JOY here on your beautiful blog and in Rome.

pax Christi - lena

Kay said...

Have really enjoyed your posts about the Rome trip and the blogger meeting.

About the translator~~~I prefer Google's translator to Babelfish. Machine translation is ambiguous by nature though. If it's too obscure with Google, I try it in Babelfish in hopes of clarification.

I frequently use the translators for the antique holy cards and a couple days ago I was quite amused when Google translated a French word meaning "wicked" or "evil ones" as "the bad guys."

Patty said...

I'm so glad that you had this opportunity because we were able to live vicariously through your pilgrimage. God bless you on your efforts for getting all this information and feedback out to the rest of us.

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