The Little Mommy ~ 15/52

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whatever is unique to the week.
Want to remember the little girl who loved her baby this week. She changed many diapers, sang songs and talked baby talk to her little one. While she is often more influenced by boy things, living amongst brothers, she does have these moments of girl-ness.

She shoots great hoops at homeschool recess, nothin' but net. Swoosh.

Her doll house gets invaded by Star Wars characters and their space ships land in its rooms as if they were loading docks. Still, Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers are graciously received and seated around the kitchen table for pancakes with the dollhouse family.

Her desk in her bedroom has make-up brushes and jewelry inside, but the top is a battlefield of green army men in formation against tan army men.

There are days when she wears a frilly tutu and days where she wears her NHL Flyers jersey. She's nature and she's nurture.

Through it all she has identified with me, the only other female in the house. She likes to call herself the "little mom-mee." I know she'll be a good one! She's getting all sorts of practice.


Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

I love watching girls play with their dolls, it really is so sweet. Funny how they can be rough and tumble with their brothers one minute and doing hair the next. It's a joy!

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

I love little girls that play with dolls! What a joy! I wish you were closer I would have her over to be a mommy's helper here and she could amuse my little ones!

BTW I love seeing the difference btw Ben and Anna relating to dolls. Ben does like dolls and stuffed animals, but Anna truly tries to love them and take care of them. She will put them down for naps and ask you to be quiet so they can sleep. She will stroke their hair an give them kisses etc. Ben is more likely to sit on it like a cushion LOL

+JMJ+ said...

That's exactly it, Jen! Brother wrestling then the make-up Barbie head!

Jamie, she would so love that. (Me too.) After Mass she runs to the littler kids and hugs them and follows them around to protect them.

I have boys who still love and sleep with their Pooh bears and stuffed animals but only the daughter wants to put them through their paces.Admonish them, feed them, clean them up.

Patty said...

Hi! I've seen you pop up so many times and other blogs and wanted to FINALLY stop by :) You have such a beautiful spot here. I have to tell you, you look identical to a dear friend of mine back up in Illinois. I imagine, from your blog, that you have the same beautiful personality!

Sue said...

Awww... very sweet!

elena maria vidal said...

Very sweet! I remember My Barbies and my brother's GI Joes sitting around the fireside of my doll house.

Gardenia said...

how wonderful to have a little mommee in the house!

scmom (Barbara) said...

My daughter is just like that, too, Allison: very girlie with a great streak of toughness (and interest in things that are not just girl). One photo I didn't get this week was Faith and Noah with new marbles. Too funny.

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