'Tube Tuesday - Fathers of Mercy ALL OR NOTHING

I was just responding, commenting and confessing my lenten challenges to a blog friend saying...

I find it hard to pray as I know I should. My husband's saintly faith can be hard to see in comparison to my own weaker faith. Every day I just try. I surrender like MUCH brighter minds of generations and generations have done for the truths of our Catholic faith.

I go to confession often for the graces I know I need and I go to Mass on Sundays knowing that many saints experienced dryness...a dark night of the soul, but kept moving forward.

The honeymoon of my reversion is over. But I cannot give up on my "marriage" to my faith. I love it and know I should love it better...the way I am teaching my children to love it. That too keeps me tethered, thank God for homeschooling. I've often said it saves me and God knows that it is the path to my hopeful sanctification.

And I do sometimes feel like when I make an effort to say read something spiritual or pray my daily rosary, I come out of a fog in those moments. There is a battle being waged. Somewhere deep down, inside, I know I can not let the other side have me.

And then I stumble upon a video like this. Thank you, God. God bless the Fathers of Mercy.

The video, the Fathers, they remind me. They too lift the fog.

Thank you http://catholicnotebook.blogspot.com/


regan said...

oh, allison, please know that you are not alone...i, too, feel discouraged at the peaks and valleys in the faith that i love so much. the fathers of mercy are wonderful! i went to a retreat with fr. bill casey the other day. confession and all. felt great. on fire. and here i am...slacking. again.(i am being a bit hard on myself, as i have been really sick) but nevertheless, as you said, it is a battle. and one that is often fought slowly. prayerfully. minute by minute. and that's all any of us can do...unless we throw the towel in altogether, but that is not what Our Lord wants! bless you, sweetie on your lenten journey and always!

Mom2Seven said...

Thank you for such an honest post. I have been experiencing a melancholy-like spiritual dryness since my dad passed away unexpectedly last summer. He was still relatively young and in apparent good health (it was a heat-related collapse). There have been some other things going on in our lives as well, which I will not use your "space" to get into... but I have had trouble paying attention at Mass, I have to force myself to pray, I feel dull spiritually. Like you, I am thankful that homeschooling helps keep me tethered to our beautiful Catholic faith. The video you shared was certainly inspirational!

I have failed to say anything, but I really like the new look of your blog! Thanks again for sharing. +JMJ+

Jenny said...

Allison, I did not watch the video and I have not read the other comments, but let me say this...

I have a close irl friend, a sanguine like yourself, a quiet, steady spiritual life for you girls is not your natural tendency {so she has told me}. So for you to have the depth of faith that you have, you have worked for it my friend. And God the Father is very pleased with your efforts, not your successes, your efforts.

Sarah Oldham said...

I pray for all who have these desert moments/times . . . I have had moments where I wonder why I am doing all this . . . then I realize, "Hey, girl, this Faith is a gift, freely given . . . I'm willing to work hard to keep it. He is truly present . .. and that is just so awesome to me!" That video, by the way, was fantastic. I cried when I heard, "they leave because they don't experience the love . . " So many feel unloved today . . . it's so sad and it breaks my heart.

I'm going to pray a DM novena for all suffering in this manner. I'll start today.

Love In Christ,

Nadja said...

I can't believe I missed this post, Allison! I found it googling the Fathers of Mercy. I was at the ordination of two CPM Deacons and two priests today. It was wonderful.

I saw Fr. George, the priest in this video, today and he is really a wonderful mission priest and homilist, probably my favorite these days.

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