Mothering ~ 12/52

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Yes, the Lysol image indicates germs....sickness...
This week we've had an intestinal illness effect my 2nd son and my little girl. As one of the boys notes, "Ah, the smell of Lysol...who threw up?!" That's a logical sequence in our house.

I think mothers suffer along with their children. There's this immediate impulse to drop everything, love them more, fuss over them....

Brings back memories of my childhood. My mother would immediately draw the sick child a bath. The coolish water, aimed to bring down our fever, would upset us to tears in the tub. But she'd come for us with fresh pajamas. She'd stripped our beds also and the linens would be crisp and cool. She'd tuck us in warmly and the shivers would recede to a feeling of well-being. And when she said, "See, I told you this all would make you feel better," it built the foundation of all the times, in fact, she had been right...would be right.

She'd bring up a fancy bed tray with tea and toast on it. On occasion I remember her running out to buy puzzle magazines, Archie comics or TigerBeat magazines from the pharmacy and Matza ball soup from the nearby Jewish deli. (I still feel better at the thought of Matza ball soup.)

For my children, I wonder if they'll remember the sick bell and the cozy blankets I cover them with? My girl is hugging her bucket. The same one many brothers barfed in to, pardon the expression. That's probably what they'll remember most. Yet, she's getting to watch a Garfield movie as a treat. But there's no Jewish deli near here. I know they all will remember the smell of Lysol and, hopefully, my loving attention.

But as I am now on the mother side of the situation, I know something now that my mother probably knew and that I know my friends know. A mother suffers along, too. The suffering isn't so much in the cleaning up of the vomit as it is in the worry. What's wrong? Do they need to see a doctor? How sick are they? Am I missing something serious here? Do I have the faith to go wherever God's will may take me?

As for the rest of the week, two ideas to share.

1. As I can no longer force them, all, to drink out of color coded cups, I am trying something new to take a stand against a bajillion cups used per day.
This is the new, official cup spot. Your cup goes on your color. Let's see how long this lasts...or if it works.

2. Last weekend a mom in our homeschool group organized a group party called game night. What a hit! You should try it with your friends and their children. The moms had a great time playing Pictionary. One of the Dads taught the boys to play Risk. Little kids did puzzles together, and color/shape bingo. Older kids played Apples to Apples and some soccer and football while it was still light outside.

And so another week comes to a close, a memorable mix.

Hope yours was Lysol-free.


Christine said...

Hope everyone gets better soon.

YOU HAD the BEST mom in the world.

scmom (Barbara) said...

Poor Allison. The stomach bug is the devil of viruses! Hope all are better soon!

Anonymous said... are so blessed to have such an organized homeschool group...not much here in Philly.

I made a cup holder thing last year by using a wooden tray from Michael's crafts. We traced glass bottoms on heavy cardstock and Angeline colored everyone's name and a pic in their circle, then we laminated it. So far, it is a *bit* better than before. I noticed not as many glasses are getting used...or mixed up. Hope everyone feels well soon.

Sarah Oldham said...

Prayers for a quick recovery and that it does not spread.

Mom2Seven said...

Oh, you are such a good mama! +JMJ+

+JMJ+ said...

Thanks, friends.

Christine - my mom is a treasure to me.

Barb and Sarah-I keep wondering if any day now it's gonna be me. Thanks for the well wishes and prayers.

Theresa, I like your idea. Hope mine has good results too.

AnnitaMom2Seven - I am always so grateful for your comments.I look forward to them. Thank you for visiting so faithfully.

Jenny said...

Oh Allison, so sorry to hear you have some sick ones in your house. I will be interested to see if your new cup idea works. Good grief, we go through so many cups a day it is ridiculous. I go so far as to put the cups up really high and some how they migrate back down.

Jennifer said...

Hi Allison,
We had the tummy bug here in Alabama this week too. Praying everyone is better by now!

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