Latin Mass Thugs

My poor son...on the way out from Latin Mass no less!

Is NO place safe anymore?

Comment with your caption.


carmelitemom said...

LOOK! It's that famous altar server...quick...grab his jacket, his shirt, his rosary...ANYTHING!! Hey...can we get your autograph?

Jamie Jo said...

"We caught the giant!"


"Shake him with sticks and stones, sticks and stones..."

Jenny said...

Did you get it?! Did you get the indulgence?! Where's the indulgence!!


If we take him out, we can take his job as acolyte, then work our way up to Master of Ceromonies here we come!

BlessedMom said...

Thanks for the comment over on my blog! I love yours by the way!! I've had it on my reader for several weeks now!

+JMJ+ said...

Some funny ones received via email/Facebook -

"We have ways we can make you Latin."

"Just say the red, do the black, buddy."

"We'll teach you to offer us the sign of peace."

"Pax tecum!" ("Peace be with you!")

"Give me your incense, kid!"

"Ecce, Ecce pugna!" (Behold the fight!")

"So you won't sing in the choir?"

"Love Thy Neighbor"

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