Wordless Wednesday ~ Water Park


Jamie Jo said...

I love that you put that to a video, very cool!!

Looks like a fun time by all!

+JMJ+ said...

Jamie Jo -

I received you sweet mail today. YOU are a treasure!!

So thoughtful and you made my day.

hugs and hugs

Nanette said...

Wiping away the tears! You have a gift for communicating through pictures/images; wish I could capture the essence of things the way you do. I'm not familiar with the music; who's the artist, what's the name of the song? Thanks for a lovely start to my day!

+JMJ+ said...

O thank you, Nanette. That one really came together. The music makes it more sentimental for me.

The artist is Jack Johnson. He did the soundtrack for the Curious George movie and I've been a fan since. The song is called Better Together and you can see more of him on YouTube or iTUnes.

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