Can you identify this image of Our Lady?

This is a porcelain statue from my Nana. I love the image of Our Lady, with Jesus on her lap, a book open and a bird resting there.

I am thinking of it this week because warmer weather came and my mornings are filled with bird song to wake me.

Somewhere, a while back, I ran across an art site with Marian images and one was called something like Our Lady and the yellow bird or blue bird....I can't remember. But this statue is a depiction of it, I think. I am still searching for the image and the story behind it.

Any ideas, dear readers?

Hoping you are having some signs of Spring, too.


Lucy Sneeringer said...

Oh - my grandmother had a statue almost exactly like this one, only it had some color to it as well. It's now with my mother - I'll have to ask her about it. If she has any answers I'll re-post. Thanks for this picture - it immediately brought back many wonderful memories of my Nonna!

Anonymous said...

My mom has that exact statue. It was wedding gift in 1962 when she got married on Germany - so maybe search German porcelain factories?
Kathy T

Nanette said...

It's a Hummel Madonna. Here's a page that gives a lot of information about it. It's called the Flower Madonna.

Very collectible and valuable. I've admired them for a long time, haven't found one I can afford like the lucky person on the page.

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