Pond Skating

The pond in our neighborhood has been the source of frozen pleasure for the boys.

Today, after Mass, our friends came over to join them for a "game."

Catching a breath and refreshment from the water jug...then, back out.

Such a cold winter has its benefits for skater-boys.


Christine said...

That looks like so much fun. Boys need that kind of stuff to wear off energy. Good time shared by all.

Too cold right now in MN to enjoy the outdoors. Really...it is tooooooooo cooooooold!

I was looking at the boot just sitting there on the pond wondering what that was then I thought must be a goal post. am i right??

Laura said...

You guys are lucky to be able to skate on it. I didn't think subdivisions let people skate on those ponds anymore! Looks like a good use of this cold weather.
God Bless.

+JMJ+ said...

You got it, CHristine!

Laura, it's not a deep pond and I hope that prevents the neighborhood from regulating it's use.

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

How do you know when the ice is thick enough?? What a great thing to have so nearby!

+JMJ+ said...

Jamie, we were able to find out this summer that the pond is pretty shallow. It completely dried up to a cracked bed and we could see just how deep it was.

My husband and older son check it when we've had 3 days of nights and days consistently below freezing. Additionally, without skates, they test by jumping on a spot listening for cracks. There's an inlet spot that they never skate near.

There's always a lot of pond talk, pond visual assessments, pond testing, weather watching that goes on here ad nauseum. :) But we feel lucky to have such a place...

Anonymous said...

OH my goodness. I think my heart warmed seeing an old LeClair #10 Jersey out there on the ice!
Kathleen (in FL now but a Philadelphian)

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