Homeschool Spelling - Wheel of Fortune

My mother and my mother-in-law are both watchers of Wheel of Fortune, the game show. If we're in either of their company when it's on, it can draw you in. Fun for the whole family, as they say.

I've been thinking about how it's become more a favorite here. When we're at the shore during the summer it's become an expected sound. In fact, walking in the door coming home from the beach to shower and get dinner ready is intrinsically related to the sound of Pat Sajak's wheel spinning and clicking through the posts and clapping applause and letters being called out. It's part of the Soundtrack Of Our Life.

For Christmas, my mother gave the children the Wii Wheel of Fortune version and it's been a tremendous hit. The whole family enjoys playing, but most especially my 9yo fourth grader. Sometimes he has to ask us for help in spelling, but I can't complain! He's working on words and spelling in his free time...and that's why I am posting. That's a good thing! The game is learning disguised as fun, for him.

And because the Wii and TV isn't always available to him, I looked online yesterday for an online game version and found this free online game. Wii also makes a Jeopardy and that has educational benefits as well.

Tips that make learning fun are always interesting to me and so I am sharing all this thinking they will be for you, too. Have any tips to share?


PattyinCT said...

Fantastic ideas! My son got chess for Christmas, and we're finding that games are a great way to educate through different mediums. Strategy, what a great thing for life eh?

I just want to know how Vanna does it? I mean, how does she look sooo fantastic?!


Lisa said...

We watch it here every night, too! My kids just love it. We also enjoy watching "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" We found a handheld version of Wheel for one of our kids for Christmas. That has been a big hit. I'll have to look for the Wii version. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Tip ;)
I also have a 9 yr old (My daughter).I am always looking for ways to help with her spelling.
I have bought some spelling games for her gameboy before, and I let her get online and do some spellingCity online games from time to time. This, I think would be a nice thing to add! We have a wii. ~>I used to play wheel of fortune way back when on my play station1 !!! lol ;)
I think I will get this for her, and we can play it together :D


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