My Christmas far...

5:21 PM
Maybe you're like me and you kinda wait and hope for that Christmas moment? The one where you glimpse or hear something and the "magic" of Christmas and loving Christ just bursts from your you know what I mean?

On Sunday I was baking for our wonderful homeschool Christmas/Our Lady of Guadalupe party and the carols were in the CD player and suddenly I'm choked up and weepy over the Incarnation.

God, in his goodness, has given me another gift, back-to-back on this the very next day.
My ‎9 year old son opened his Grandmom's Christmas card and read that she has enrolled us in Masses for the year. "365 Masses," he exclaims, "I gotta thank her!" And he runs up the stairs with the phone to call her from the privacy of his room.

I could care less if he gets excited over any other "present"...that did it for me!

Share your wonders. I'd LUV to hear your Christmas magic.


Suzanne said...

I have no magic Christmas moments yet, but I wanted to tell you that yours made me get all teary! So beautiful!

Sarah Oldham said...

Thank you for sharing your moment. Wonderful. Praise God!

Mom2Seven said...

Very, very nice! You are blessed! +JMJ+

Gardenia said...

I know what you mean about those Christmas moments, when my heart bursts with joy...usually followed by tears :) and my husband will ask are you getting all choked up again, with a big smile. two beautiful Christmas moments you've had!

Tiffany said...

Those are the moments that keep us Mamas fueled for eternity! What sweet Advent treasures to savor...All For Jesus, through His Most Holy Mother:-)

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