Wacky Week

In an earlier post I mentioned our Wacky Week.

The week before a holiday is what we call a WACKY WEEK. When we began homeschooling, we thought having such a week accomplished and acknowledged a few things.

* The days before a holiday are often hectic and interrupted by holiday errands.

* Fewer days in the week mean that getting through our weekly curriculum might be too stressful for an already busy week.

* Taking these days before a holiday to work on items outside our regular curriculum gives us a chunk of time in areas that we would benefit from.

* We needed some flexibility and a break from the ordinary.

Our Wacky Week focuses on art: Drawing, appreciation, study of artists.

Wacky Week also allows for letter writing and special copywork.

Wacky Week gives us the opportunity to double down on educational videos.

Wacky Week gives us a break to read a book outside of our curriculum.

Wacky Week can also focus on science experiments...field trips....discussions....Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Here are some photos from our Wacky Week.


Jamie Jo said...

I bet the kiddos look so forward to your wacky week!! How fun!

Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!

Christine said...

Lub the Latin Mass photo. So many blessings and graces.
Lub the art work those kiddos are working on!

Jen said...

please tell me more about your microscope

+JMJ+ said...

Hi Jen!

We've been looking around for a microscope, with my oldest doing 10th grade biology. I have another 3 who would benefit as well. I asked around about what would be the best features and was told that to go for a light bulb and at least 40X magnification.

I was wishing for something that wasn't too difficult for little eyes to use and when my Costco flyer came I was thrilled to see this....with a screen for all to see!

I'm told that at the local Catholic highschool all of their screens are projected onto laptops for all to see and better clarity. Must be the way of the future. This microscope also has a USB connecting cord so I can transfer the image onto my laptop, even capture photos!

So far, we've liked it very much. We can all stand around at look at the same slide, together, not one at a time. Just want to get some of our own slides to put our own findings on. It comes with slides and we ordered a Biology set of slides from Home Science Tools.

Costco.com is currently offering a$50 rebate on this item.

Hope that helps.

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