The Uncles, The Wars

1:38 PM

Uncle Stanley faught in the Korean war.

Uncle Harold flew and navigated B-17 fighter planes in WWII and even met Jimmy Stewart.

Uncle Hughie was in the South Pacific as a Captain of Manila Bay for Douglas MacArthur in WWII. MacArthur even sent him in search of Marasuchus/Yamashita's gold.

And to those grandfathers and others who served our country, today we salute you.

We thank you!

My 2nd son reads about wars. He takes out huge library texts and keeps them by his bed to read at night. He absorbs so much. First it was all about Rome and Caesar, then he moved on to the World Wars, Korea and Viet Nam. Often he surfs the history and military channels for documentaries and orders Netflix movies too.

Once asked he said he was not romanticising war, but held those who served in honor. Currently he is penpals with Uncle Stanley and they write each other about things one has experienced and one has only read about. It is an unlikely friendship that spans generations. When my son heard about the standard ration can opener, he had to go to ebay to buy one for himself and Uncle Stanley sent him a how-to on using it.

There will always be a part of me that sees the need to keep these stories alive, of sharing legacies. THIS IS A DAY TO DO SO.

I would never wish war on anyone, but like my son I feel that those who serve deserve honor.

Remember our Veterans and pray for those who defend our country, especially those in harm's way.

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Elizabeth in Wisconsin said...

Praying for our veterans today! :)

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