My Reminder

Hearing this all over the internet...homeschoolers feeling the burden, the cross.....

Sure homeschooling is hard - teaching is hard! And it get's me thinking...any time we strike out in faith to be more Catholic, to live our faith with more commitment....who does it bother?

When I feel this way I try to laugh his meddling off and immerse myself in the Sacraments.

Also, I gotta wonder how many "real" teachers feel like this...who get sick of it all and want to run from their students! Of course it happens to them too! BUT GUESS WHAT? They don't LOVE your child like only you do.

THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE! You recommit yourself to your children's good BECAUSE you love them...other teachers can never have that same level of recommitment to your child.

I remember a wise, veteran homeschool mom once telling me that whatever were my reminders for WHY we homeschool to keep them nearby. (, words, memories, the example of service to one another in the Holy Family...) Because there will be days like this and we'll need to remind ourselves why we do it.

God will bring us all thru, let's not forget to ask for graces to do the hard and worthwhile things...the things that God may be using to sanctify us....

I posted a letter to a homeschool mom with doubts, a few months ago - it's my reminder.


Jamie Jo said...

I like that scenario you wrote about how we re-commit. How true that is. Thanks for the reminder!

Kristyn said...

Oh, we need those graces! When we look back on our lives from Heaven I think I will say, "Look at that. I was floating on grace the whole time and never knew it!" I am nothing without Him... oh what an understatement.
God bless you!

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