Homeschool Sibling Bonds

My 6 year old daughter and her 15 year old brother...

THIS is one of the beauties of homeschooling. They get to spend time together that they wouldn't have had otherwise. They are building sibling bonds.

They have a sibling bond that is precious and devoted. A cursory look might indicate that they are sounding out a word starting with the letter "B" together.

What I see deeper in this image is a young man who helps teach his sister because he loves her...

...because serving his family is common to him

....because he is excited to see her excitement in learning, as learning is valued

....because spending time together is valued too

They'll remember this...and my heart swells with the goodness of a moment like this.


Suzanne said...

Beautiful picture!!! Think about how these experiences are preparing your son for his own future family, too (unless he has a priestly vocation, of course! ;) ). I see so many grown up men/fathers who just do not know how to interact with children, even their own.

My oldest sister is a homeschooler. One of her friends had an eight-year-old grandson, an only child, who spent some time playing with them during the summers, and was truly amazed at the bond between the my sister's children. He remarked to his grandmother: "They *really* love one another!"

Who wouldn't want that for their children? I truly believe traditional schooling forces siblings into very separate lives with separate activities, interests and friends.

Elizabeth said...

Love it!

regan said...

very good point, allison. and it reminds me that i haven't been "delegating" any learning to the bigger kids. i guess i am sort of selfish in that way, "i" want to do it, but it is so good for them to help each other out. for the sake of serving one another. of course it might end with some bickering but i am even learning to be at peace with a fair amount of that!

blessings to you and your beautiful family!

Mom2Seven said...

Aw, I love it! It carries on... my oldest son (23) will come pick up his youngest brother, who is only 6, and take him to his apartment for the day or on a fun outing. He knows it is hard for him to be surrounded by a house full of girls! My littlest one (2) will go right to my oldest daughter if she is upset or has a "boo-boo," and I am not within eyesight. I have always been amazed at how nurturing my kids have been with their younger siblings. My 8 y/o insists on dressing her 2 y/o sister every morning, including brushing her teeth and fixing her hair!

I think these (few) examples are the main reason I have stuck homeschooling out all these years!

Thank you for sharing! +JMJ+

Christine said...

Having a sibling is a gift from God.

I am an only child...and it sometimes just stinks. I have a step-sister who is 11yrs younger then me. I also was out of the home so never really saw her too much.

Siblings are to be good to each other. It is what being a family is all about.

Enjoy those precious moments.

Melts my heart.

PattyinCT said...

Beautiful! And what a blessing they are to each other:) You can see that in their picture.

Jamie Jo said...

Oh, I love it when my son reads to my girls. The younger ones just love him...not that the oldest girl doesn't, but she'd fight him for who gets to read the book to the littles!!

I love your sons expressions!! We are reading the same books with my first grader...she's stuck on book 5, so we are taking it a little slower now and making word books!!

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